Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ho hum

I seem to be running out of steam a bit. LOL, I meant the blog, but as I'm writing I realize that it isn't the blog, it's me...

For one, now I'm pretty much caught up with my "story" -- there is always more to tell, but chronologically I started then, and arrived at the now. And the now is so much more complex for me.

Another reason, I'm just tired. I haven't been sleeping that well, I haven't been eating properly, and work has been beyond stressful. So have my BDSM related thoughts and activities. I'm doing what I can about all these, but they are likely to take some time to straighten out.

Blog-wise -- I wish I had more readers. (Not that I don't appreciate the ones I have!) I tried a Google search and a Google Blog search and my blog doesn't come up in the searches. I've since read that many new blogs are having indexing problems with Google, and there simply doesn't seem to be anything to do about it. I keep wondering if I started a blog on a NON Google site if I would have better luck :)

So my brain is a bit slow. I have a lot to try and make sense of -- my general situation has not changed. And while my main source of stress is work, not BDSM, this is a close second, and the stress is spilling into every other aspect of my life.

So I'm not all light and laughter today :)

But I didn't want to let the writing fall by the wayside.

Thanks for reading me!


David said...

Hello vestri,

I know people get discouraged from time to time, and run out of steam, as you say.

I would suspect you are getting a lot more traffic than you might think. Charli and I were talking about that one day, the number of people that read vs comment is a very high proportion. You might get a better perspective on it all if you put in a stats counter. The one I and many others use is totally free and gives you a very wide cross slice of the collected data; what they come to see, how they might have found you with a search, which articles they read, where they came from and on and on. Read about it at - - As I said, it is free and very unobtrusive. On my blog, there is a small visitor counter at the very bottom, and click on yours would lead you to the stat counter site to view your stats.

David said...

In terms of writing - some people write to display their talents at sriting fiction, or erotic fiction, others for humor, but far ans away the most interesting blog, at least to me, are those simple and straight forward ones where people use their blogs and a place to mind dump as it were. To simply get things out of their head and out to examine. How people relate to their experience of D/s I find quite fascinating. Everyone has a different slant on things and different goals/needs/wants and I find that all quite interesting.

Yours has been that way as you have begun to explore your new feelings and interests. I think it is fine if you just write what you are thinking and feeling. You dont need to try and entertain, it might come across as put up.

Just keep sharing what is going on, often it helps you focus your direction by laying out what is happening and how you feel about it all.

Keep at it, we like it.dybdk

Vestri said...

Thanks, David :)

I do follow my stats... I'm not really disheartened by the numbers, just would be happier if they grew!

And of course I'll keep writing what is on my mind, it's all I really know how to do.

Thanks again for your inputs and feedback.



moonheart said...

Hello Vestri,

followed a link (don't know exactly which one) and here i am. Reading your blog. :-) Nice to read you. :-D I think lots of visitors don't comment on blogs. It's a pity, 'cause i f.i. love to exchange experiences, point of views etc.

Sweet greetings from Holland, mo