Monday, June 2, 2008

New addition to the family

After Magnus died, I had a feeling I would need to get a new cat. I didn't like the feeling that I was "replacing" him, and while I know I'm not, the feeling is hard to shake. But poor little Lexi shouldn't remain alone. This past month has been very difficult for him.

And for me.

So I was open to adopting a new kitten. But I couldn't quite make the effort... So I decided I would let fate determine when I get a new kitty. And it did -- just in time. A friend of mine, who happened to be leaving the country the next day, found this kitten at the train station, and couldn't resist saving her. The city authorities had already been called to capture and exterminate. But she couldn't really take the cat back to Germany with her... So now I have a new little girl. Her name is Lilla and I'm in love.