Saturday, May 24, 2008

Who can't get no satisfaction?

I took care of the not enough sex problem. In spades!!!


selkie said...

grins? that's IT??? Just that simple statement? Not even a HINT?? Cruel woman!

Vestri said...

Oh, I whored around a bit... I certainly don't lack options, LOL

moonheart said...

i can't 'cause i'm not allowed to orgasm till next thursday when i meet my Owner again.
Strangely enough this interdiction feels great! But i'm horny as hell and very hungry. ;-)

David said...

In spades is hardly the adjective to use for "whored around a bit"

I assume this was with the so far mysterious L?

Vestri said...

David - why not?

No, mysterious L is already of the past... But I had a busy weekend nonetheless *grin*