Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More on the weekend

I wrote this as a comment, but then thought it qualified as an independent post:

It was fun... the details aren't really that important, but included being tied, blindfolded, spanked, disoriented, hugged, talked to, fucked, gone down on, fed... having friends over, drinking, and... Probably a whole lot more.

What made me feel so intense about it was other stuff. This guy is really together in his BDSM-ness. He is really honest and really responsible and really knowledgeable. We talked for hours before doing anything. But then, he tore me to pieces, lol. We spent almost two days together, in a defined, BDSM way, and I've never done that before. There was a really sweet combination of learning (for me some stuff was new), of learning about each other, of exploring the emotional side of BDSM, if you will, without it having to be our emotions towards each other...

I also enjoyed meeting other people from the community. The mutual friends that set us up were people I knew of through other trusted sources (my former dom), and maybe knew online, but had never met. The four of us didn't really "play" together, but there was a certain openness and liberty there that I enjoyed.

It looks like we'll have a continuation. I need to be careful, because emotionally he's a mess, really in the midst of this breakup. I don't see myself falling for him, but I like him, and he touched me deeply. Which can make me vulnerable (read the previous posts, haha). But I'm going forth, because I'm still all floaty from the weekend three days later, and THAT has also never happened.


selkie said...

sounds like an amazing weekend... but do keep things in perspective; sometimes it is easy to "rationalize" but then fall emotinally regardless!! Just don't want you hurt! There is an intensity to certain sessions, done well, that can be compelling ...

Vestri said...

Of course, you're right, lovely selkie... My emotions aren't "safe" just because my head knows what's what.

But when are they ever?

I'll just have to see how it all pans out.

(and thanks for not wanting me hurt! luvya too!!!)

moonheart said...

Sounds like you had a great time, but indeed as selkie said; try not to loose contact with your inner self.
Take care! Sweet greetz from mo

Anonymous said...

Sounds Like a great experience. I know what you mean about being vulnerable for someone like that.