Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Expectation-raising statements

"[Vestri] is very sexy and a great partner"

"You were a big part of it setting up the [shibari] show... and now we have to see how to take it further grin"

"Taking it further means trying new ties on you, and getting to the point where it's you on stage!"

"How do you feel about a hot tub and a bunch of pervs?"

"Do you have a garter belt? I have plans that definitely require a garter belt..."

"Let's go to the fet party on Thursday"

"Let's go to the munch this week"

- Do you think what I want is a D/s relationship?
- Yes.
- Well, there's your answer. That is the direction we are headed in.

"I'm mad about your cunt!"

"I thought about you a lot while I was away"

"Too bad I didn't catch you alone, I have a very particular fantasy I'd like to try out, which I think you'll like, a lot!"

"Let's plan a trip to Amsterdam... Or even better -- Prague, lots of good pervy stuff happening there!"

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