Monday, July 28, 2008


Between the last two posts -- one going into an emotional chasm due to something feeling like it was falling apart, and the one that is the letter "ending" it (how do you end something that doesn't exist?) there was a two week period, more or less.

I didn't spend those two weeks waiting around for him to make an appearance... There were interactions. The initial ones were positive -- I asked straight out, are you over me? Or do you still want me? No, and Yes. What's going on? Nothing, it's been crazy... Let's get together Thursday. But Thursday never came...

Then, we finally met and -- nothing. If you can imagine: He invited me over, I thought we were getting back on track. It had been a long sweaty day, and so I jumped in the shower. Now, I'm sitting next to him, damp and wearing naught but a towel... And he spends the next hour showing me his progress on a computer game, and then takes me home.


So in the car we have "the talk". Where are we headed? Why are things this way?

Answers: We *are* headed in the D/s direction. The heat.

But since then -- absolutely nothing, even phone and messenger stopped. Hence the letter.

After the letter: A completely crazy conversation in which history was rewritten, and even basic, human responsibility denied.

So it is over, and I'm more than okay with that.

I find it a shame -- and of course hurtful -- that something that had no need to devolve into negativity did. Just a little bit of honesty and communication would have resolved every aspect of this situation. It isn't as if I am in love. It isn't as if my dreams are shattered. It isn't as if I wanted to move in.

I just wanted more of what I perceived as a positive experience and connection. Which I perceived as a mutually positive experience and connection. There shouldn't be anything negative about that, and creating negativity where there is none is the purview of the weak, the twisted, the dishonest, the immature...

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