Monday, September 22, 2008

No such thing as perfection

Well, it didn't work out. Kinda crashed and burned, even.

Can't say I'm surprised. Another emotional cripple. Must be the 13th tribe of Israel.

I was a bit disappointed for a while, just because I really never meet anyone to get excited over. But I think I really jumped the gun on that one anyway... He didn't really merit the excitement.

I'm a bit frustrated that the only two guys I've met in recent months that I consistently like are one guy who is just a fuck-buddy, and while he is pleasantly kinky is really not BDSM; and another who was just visiting from France. No one local.

Maybe I gotta get outta here, LOL


selkie said...

Angel, that sucks. Sorry that it didn't work out - but he's the LOSER in this scenario -

Vestri said...

Of course he is!

Thanks babe XOXOXOX

blacklace said...

just found your blog and read it, just this morning, right from your first post.

it touched deeply because it is so very much like what i went through a few years ago. the excitement, the doubt, the discovery. (and on the same internet site too - yes, i am from your neck of the woods).

i found that bdsm relationships are much more intense than vanilla ones. the vulnerability and exposure that the submissive offers, makes the connection that much deeper. a great thing when done correctly, and scaringly painful when it's not.

take care of yourself.
i will stay updated, and feel free to email me, if you'd like some local, non-Dominant correspondance.

shana tova :)